T-Ladies List

One Bag makes 10-12 cups of tea

House Blends
 per bag
Passion for LivingHouse blend Green tea, strawberry, passion fruit & yerba Mate         3.00   

You want it in the morning Vanilla cream black tea & roasted mate                            3.00

Black Tea

per bag

Cream Earl Grey -Earl Grey Mellowed with delicious creamy taste       3.00

Earl Grey -The best  ever            3.00                                   

English Breakfast -Black tea from Sri Lanka                                                     3.00

**Irish Breakfast -Robust, full bodied blend of Kenyan and Assam            3.00

**Front Porch  -Special ice tea blend, spectacular hot too                3.00

Kemum Panda #1 -China

Black                                                            3.00

Margaret's Hope -Darjeeling muscatel flavor and astringent                                    3.00

**Monkey Picked Golden -Hunan, China Black with mellow oaky notes              10.75                   
**Rose Congu -China Black with Rose Petals                                               3.00

Scottish Breakfast - Malty, full bodied with  oakiness                                 3.00

Star of India-Delightful blend of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri                        3.00

Sylvakandy -Black Tea from Sri Lanka, excellent flavor                       3.00

Tarajulie Estate FBOP -Tippy, 2nd flush, Assam full bodied smooth, all day tea 3.00

Flavored Blacks-per Bag

Cherry- Full flavored cherry 

Chocolate Mint - Like Drinking a "Thin Mint"                                                  3.00

*Clementine Clove -Ceylon black tea, dried oranges & whole cloves                3.00

Cinnamon- Mildly spicy with red heart cinnamon flavor                      3.00

Ginger -Fresh ginger flavor             3.00                                                       

Moroccan Mint -Black Tea and peppermint blend                                         3.00

*Mulled Spice Savor those special moments, fruity with cinnamon    3.00

*Peach Lift -Full flavor Ceylon tea , delicate peach                                                 3.00

*Pumpkin Spice -Add cream and it's like a cup of  pumpkin pie                                 3.00

*Strawberry -Truly a delight. Fresh Strawberry taste                            3.00

*Tropical Fire -Cinnamon, clove, spicy                                             3.00

Vanilla Cream-Black tea, fresh vanilla & a lovely cream character        3.00


Young- Earthy                                3.00                                             
Scottish Caramel -Caramel undertones, more palatable                             3.00 

Green Teas 

 Can be reinfused-per bag

Blue Mango -Sweet Mango pieces                                               3.00

Blue Berry Hill  -Aromatic  and blueberry flavor                                          3.00

Bohemian Raspberry-Refreshing raspberry with smooth green tea notes    3.00

Crime of Passion -Sencha green tea and exotic passion fruit                        3.00

**Genmaicha-Taosty rice flavor, " popcorn tea"                           3.00   

**Gyokuro-This is Japan’s best green tea                                             10.75

Jasmine with Flowers-Lightly flavored with Jasmine, delicate                       3.00

Long Island Strawberry-Sencha green tea, dried strawberry and papaya           3.00

Niagra Peach -Delightful peach flavor , great iced                         3.00

Pomegranate Hibiscus -Sweet Aroma and taste                                           3.00

**Sencha -Light liquoring and smooth                                                   3.00

White Teas

Can be reinfused-per bag

Blueberry Fields -Light hint of Blueberry, sweet                                 5.50  

Pai Mu Tan -Jammy flavor with sweet notes, delicious lingering finish          4.50

Peach- Apricot-Delicate fruit flavor, delightful iced                       5.50

Sowme-Light and Deviously Toasty                                                  3.00

Tangiers Lemon White -Lemony light flavor to savor                                                             5.50


Can Be reinfused-per bag

Formosa Oolong-Smooth, slightly sweet, toasty with a touch of dryness  3.00

**Orange Blossom -Wildly exotic orange flavor, Great iced                   3.00

*Quangzhou Milk -Premium Oolong sweet orchid and milk notes             8.50

*Phoenix #1 Iron Goddess-Premium Ti Kuan Yin, sweet no bitter notes              6.75

Ti Kuan Yin -Light with slight note of orchid-slimming                  3.00


Belgian Chocolate-Chocolate lover’s paradise, with cocoa pieces            3.00

Bourbon Street Vanilla-Vanilla flavor with exotic jazzy depth                     3.00

Blueberry Bang-Fresh Blueberry Flavor                                          3.00

Candied Ginger Peach-Sweet peach and ginger                                           3.00

Caramel Cream-Sweet toffee and caramel                              3.00

Chocolate Mint-Melt in your mouth mint                                          3.00

Florida Orange-Succulent orange flavor                                          3.00

Georgia Peach-Mouth watering sweet peach                                    3.00

Godiva Roche'-Godiva chocolate and caramel                                  3.00  

**Pina Colada-Sit back, relax to that "Colada" taste                      3.00

**Province-loral, fruity Bouquet, lavender notes                      3.00

Rooibos- Unflaovered, naturally fruity with sweet notes high in Vitamins                   3.00

Strawberry Tingle-Great Strawberry taste                                         3.00

Sunshine Lemon-Lemony- great iced with a slice of lemon                  3.00

White Swiss Truffle-Sweet chocolate and mint flavor                    3.00

Winter Palace Marzipan-Melt in your mouth almond flavor                            3.00


per bag

Cochin Masala-Full bodied, cardamom notes, lively ginger                3.00

Night of the Iguana Chocolate-Sweet Caramel and Belgian chocolate finish         3.00

Vanilla-Creamy Vanilla, lively ginger finish & candy cardamom    3.00

Health Blends

per bag

Allertea -Helps with allergy relief                                                  3.00

Anxitea-Helps Calm your spirits                                                    3.00  

Analgesic-Anti inflammatory and calming                                          3.00

Balance-When you are feeling a little off center                            3.00

Cha-Ching-Digestive aid, helps reduce flatulence                                3.00

Cold & Flu-Echinacea, peppermint, yarrow, elder flower & berry, rooibos              3.00

Enertea -Energy Blend, peppermint and ginger flavors                      3.00

Foxtrot-Digestive, calmative and sleep aid                                      3.00

Headache-Try this instead of and OTC                                             3.00

Immunitea-Builds your body’s immune system                                      3.00

Moon ease-Once a month relief                                                               3.00

Migraine-Soothe the throbbing discomfort of a migraine                   3.00

Nurse Me Time -For Mom and Child during lactation                                   3.00

Serenitea-Nourishes the nervous system                                            3.00

Sleep Tight -Get a restful night’s sleep                                       3.00

Storms a Brew’ in -Anti-Viral, when the threat of a cold or flu are approaching                  3.00

Wise Woman-Helps ease menopause                                                  3.00


                 Small Tea Tins (holds 1-2 ozs)                                                             2.75

Medium Tea Tins (holds 2-

4ozs)                                         3.00

Tea Ball (2” mesh, cups of tea)        2.95                                                           
Tea Ball with Decorative hook Assorted                                               5.95

The Perfect cup of Tea Spoon            3.95                        
Teapot- 2 cup Yellow, green, royal blue, light blue, mojito lime and brown        7.95

Teapot- 6 cups    Lemon, green, royal blue, sierra rose, plum and brown          10.25


12 bags ( 2-4 cup size)                 1.00                         

Med 2-4 cups/100                                6.95                                                    

Extra Large 6-12 Cups/100                  9.95                            

* Seasonal

** Special order

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